Welcome to the Wisdom of the World - Joan Chittister

Hindu Wisdom

Chapter 1 - Why Does My Life Seem So Feel Hectic?

Chapter 2 - Why Does Thought of Getting Older Bother Me?

Chapter 3 - What Does It Mean to "Make a Difference?

Chapter 4 - What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?

Chapter 5 - How Can I Learn to Ler Go of the Past?

Buddhist Enlightenment

Chapter 6 - "Would I Do It All Again?

Chapter 7 - "How Do I Know the Right Thing To Do?

Chapter 8 - "How Do I Know Who to Follow?

Chapter 9 - "What Does It Take to Succeed?

Chapter 10 - “Is it Possible to Make Up for Past Mistakes?

Jewish Community

Chapter 11 - "Where Did I Lose My Idealism?
Chapter 12 - "Why Do I Feel Stuck?

Chapter 13 - "What Can I DoWhen Enough is Enough?

Chapter 14 - "Does Any Thing Really Matter?
Chapter 15 - "Why Was I Born?

Chapter 16 - Why Can't I Just Get Away from It All?
Chapter 17 - What Does It Take to Put Excitement Back in My Life?

Chapter 18 - How Will I Know Truth When I See It?
Chapter 19 - What's Wrong with Me: Why Can't I Change?

Chapter 20 - What Is The Purpose of Life?

Islamic Submission

Chapter 21 - What is There to Get Up for in the Mornig?
Chapter 22 - Where Is God?

Chapter 23 - What is Happiness?
Cha[ter 24 - What's Important in Life?
Chapter 25 -Why Do I Feel That Something Is Missing in My Life?

Epilogue: The Roots of Tradition

Chapter 26 - Hindu Wisdom and External Meaning
Chapter 27 - Buddhist Enlightenment and Desirelessness
Chapter 30 - Islam: Community of Witness and Submission

Chapter 28 - Judaism: Community of Justice and Joy
Chapter 29 - Christianity: The Call to the Beatitudes

                Discussion Text:
                Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and its meaning for you
                        by JOAN CHITTISTER

                                                                                                                                        Updated March 29, 2011