If you have a choice between laughing and crying, try to laugh, but crying is natural and healthy too.
   If you build a house on a hill, don't tear down the hill.
      When using water use each drop wisely as if you were in a desert, with a limited amount.
      Use only what you need to sustain your household circle.
      Give thanks for the foods you eat, remembering most of the world is hungry.
      Don't kill animals such as snakes; learn to live in harmony with bugs and spiders.
      Respect and honour those on other paths.
      Eat healthy, life giving foods.
      Help people in need.
      Re-cycle as much waste as you can.
      Support causes that help save the Earth.
      Savour each day by living one day at a time.
      Use positive action rather than negative thought.
      Cultivate a spiritual garden as you would your vegetable garden, with effort and care.
      Feel nature's spirit when in the out-of-doors.
      Listen for the sounds of animals.
      Travel light.
      Take time to turn over a stone, and look at the world under it, then put it back as you found it.
      Learn to savour the different seasons, and the natural climatic changes.
      Celebrate life at every opportunity.
      Welcome the unknown, and wrap it around you like a new blanket.
      Laugh at yourself when everything seems bad, look to the good
      Appreciate yourself, you deserve it.
Hsotha Petre
Grandfather Peter

Updated: August 28, 2010